What We Stand For

The core values of PolyKindred

Love & Kindness

We try to live our lives and run our business always leading with love and kindness


We believe that connecting with - and having compassion for - people around the world will make this a better place for all of us


We allow space for everyone in our circle to be their authentic selves and follow their passions

Featured Products

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Cultivating Compassion: Kindness, Connection, and Communication in Modern Relationships: Webinar

Join renowned speakers Jenn Hayward and Sarah Jean Stewart for an enlightening and heartfelt discussion on the cornerstones of healthy relationships in today’s complex world. This thought-provoking talk explores the transformative power of kindness, the importance of genuine connection, and the art of effective communication in both personal and professional spheres.

Sexy Selfie Workshop

Capture Your Confidence with Sarah Jean Stewart: Selfie Mastery Workshop

Welcome to Sarah Jean Stewart Photography’s Selfie Mastery Workshop! Do you want to take your selfie skills to the next level and showcase your individuality with flair and confidence? Join us for an empowering workshop designed to teach you the art of self-portraiture!

Abstracts in Glass

Meet Our Family

To learn more about the other members of our family, visit the "About Us" section!


"Lead with Love"

Sarah is a little bit of everything, underscored by a love for all around her and a desire to spread that love throughout the world.



"Laughter Heals"

Jenn is a stand-up comedian and reconciliation specialist who helps people be their best through laughter and love.



"Connect through Games"

Adam connects with others and helps others connect and have fun through gaming and gaming related content.



"Beer + Nachos = Love"

Josh explores his passions by creating beer-related content and hosting beer tastings live and online.

What to Expect

We love autheticity and open communication, so let's talk about exactly what you can expect here at PolyKindred!


Original art & Reproductions

Art is interweaved with everything we do and you'll find original art, both physical and digital, as well as prints and products featuring our creations.



POD, Digital, and Affiliate

We have a large variety of products! Some we have created ourselves, some use a print on demand model, and some are affiliate memberships with brands we love!



In person and virtual

Many of our family members offer services both online and in person - Santa visits, photography sessions, empathetic listen, reconciliation plans, and much more!


Recent Blog Posts

A Magical Gathering: Our Journey to Flesherton and the Heart of Family

A polyamorous family navigates the challenge of organizing a group photo for a Maclean's magazine feature. Despite logistical hurdles, they gather in Flesherton, enjoying time together and mutual support. Their effort underscores the strength of their connections and aims to inspire others by showcasing the diverse forms of love and community.

Embracing the Unexpected: A Photoshoot Adventure in the Mines of Spain

Ken and I embarked on a memorable trip to Dubuque, Iowa, blending creativity and spontaneity during a fairytale-inspired photoshoot at the Mines of Spain and Julian Dubuque Monument. This journey deepened our bond, emphasized the beauty of unexpected moments, and celebrated our connection with nature, art, and each other.

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