In our house, we all know that we should be exercising more. We all know that we should be connecting with nature and with each other more. We’re really trying to get on top of all of these things and more by setting intentions each week, covering all four areas for the medicine wheel to keep in balance, and then setting mini intentions for each day. 

For a few days now, Jenn and I have had “go on a walk together” on our list but, with life as it is, it somehow just didn’t happen. This morning however, we both woke up and made it a priority, met at 9:00 in the kitchen, and headed out for a walk.

This feels like a good time to mention that walks are not quite as much Jenn’s thing as they are mine, though going on walks was her suggestion because she wants to, wisely, put more focus on her health. I could walk for 10 hours straight and be happy, collecting treasures of nature and taking photos along the way. Jenn, if left to her own devices, would loop the block once and call it a day.

And that’s the beauty of community. We went for a walk. I would not have done it if Jenn had not reminded me. Sometimes loving nagging is her role because I have so much happening and let things fall off of the radar. We also went for a much longer walk at a much faster pace than if she had gone out on her own. Pushing people outside of their comfort zone so they can grow is definitely one of my special skills.

So, we walked. But that’s not all. Getting out to walk with the people you care about is a beautiful way to not only connect with the environment around you, but with each other. In our fast-paced lives, we don’t always find those small moments of alone time to just talk about life. For Jenn and I in particular, we talk online a fair amount (despite living in the same house), and we certainly spend a ton of time together doing fun things with the family and practical things like working. But very rarely these days do we find the time to just spend time together talking about life unless it’s unpacking some weird traumatic event that’s just occurred.

We actually even had a date night just this past weekend. And we connected and it was lovely. In fact, Jenn planned a great surprise where we first stopped to get discount produce boxes, which makes us both very happy and provides low-cost meals for our family, and then followed up with a visit to a reader for a spirit/intuitive/tarot reading. But because of the nature of the night (which was awesome and profound and probably deserves a post of its own), we weren’t able to chat much. In fact, Jenn was barred from talking at all during the reading, which may have been one of the most difficult things she’s ever done! 

But back to the walk – though much shorter than a whole night out, was a chance to actually talk. Not about anything terribly serious, but just to exist together and hear about what’s been going on in the isolated pockets of each other’s lives. And, to be fair, we didn’t talk about anything utterly profound. But, we did deliberately take time to connect. And, even better, we each used our skills to help create space for an activity – a simple walk around the neighbourhood – that would help us both start the day in a healthy way.

So here is my advice to you for today:

Create those moments with the people you care about. Find small ways to connect. Walk.

Happy Adventuring,


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