PolyKindred is an online marketplace that fosters a loving and kind polyamorous community, empowering individual family members to embrace their unique paths. It transcends capitalism by offering products and services that align with the passions, talents, and values of a polyamorous family and community.

PolyKindred celebrates diversity and provides a platform for individuals in our community to share their skills, expertise, and creations with others, creating a vibrant ecosystem of mutual support and growth. With a focus on love, kindness, and personal fulfillment, PolyKindred encourages each person to explore and express their authentic selves within the community and beyond.  This ranges from business services to artistic products, and everything in between!  

Search by person or product and we are certain to have something that may interest you. By supporting our work, you support the idea that we can choose our own path, live life with love and kindness and are helping others and make a sustainable living through authenticity.

“A world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live.”

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

Sarah Jean Stewart is an extraordinary individual with an immense capacity for love and kindness. She has a remarkable talent for connecting with people from all corners of the world, making them feel seen, heard, and understood. She loves many and has no jealousy surrounding her, for love and kindness is how she lives her life.

Adam is a remarkable individual with a passion for building connections and creating joy. As the primary partner to Sarah and a loving stepfather to her four children, Adam plays an integral role in their lives.

Adam’s love for board games began in his childhood and has grown into an impressive collection of over 1200 games.

Linden is a little man with a big heart and a passion for creativity (and cars!). He spends his days surrounded by magic and love, learning from the world, and encouraging everyone he comes across.

When he’s not busy playing, sometimes Linden creates cool art of his own, or helps his adults with their creations!

Jenn Hayward is a multifaceted individual who has found her true calling in life. As a comedian and writer, she uses her creative talents to bring laughter and joy to others. Additionally, Jenn is an Indigenous Reconciliation Specialist, dedicated to promoting understanding and assisting in creating Reconciliation Action Plans. 

Joshua Hayward is a man of many passions and talents. As a lover of craft beer, he has turned his passion into a business, offering beer tastings and selling beer products on his website. Despite the success of his venture, Joshua insists that it’s not a cult, injecting humor into his daily interactions.

Saint Nick Allan, fondly known as the Santa of the group, is a remarkable individual who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes. As a professional Santa, he has mastered the art of spreading Christmas cheer and creating unforgettable memories. A widower, Saint Nick is now a loving partner to Sarah, who he supports wholeheartedly.